Additional Features

  • Mobile Device Support
  • iPad, iPhone (IOS)
  • Android
  • Web
Mobile Device Support
Unlimited Data Collection

  • Unlimited Data Collection
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Unlimited Storage

  • Robust User Experience
  • Native Application Interface for Unparalleled User Experience
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Autosave Capabilities and Unlimited In-Progress Work
  • Kiosk Mode, Repeating Form entry mode
Robust User Experience
Flexible Mobile Form Setup

  • Flexible Mobile Form Setup
  • Intuitive Professional Grade Form Editor
  • No technical experience required
  • Drag and drop layout
  • Response layout to work on all devices

  • Skip Logic / Embedded Rules
  • Robust Rules Engine and Smart Forms
  • Skip Logic and Branching
  • Embedded Formulas and Advanced Calculations
  • Formula Based Form Scoring
  • Custom Script Rules
Skip Logic / Embedded Rules
Offline Data Collection

  • Offline Data Collection
  • Offline Data Collection. No Internet Connection Required
  • Offline Skip Logic and Rule Support
  • Caching of Large Data Sets for Form Autofill

  • Dispatch and Form Routing
  • Dispatch Forms (Tasks and Work Orders) to Individual Users via API, Spreadsheet and Online Wizard
  • Pre-Population of Form Data
  • Caching of Large External Data Sets for Autofill
Dispatch and Form Routing
Customizable Delivery Workflow

  • Customizable Delivery Workflow
  • Conditional Rule Based Form Handoff
  • Conditional Alerting Based on Custom Business Rules
  • Multi-Step Approvals
  • Automated Data Delivery to Custom Endpoints

  • Robust Media Capture
  • Integrated Photo Capture Annotations and Sketch
  • Multi-Photo Capture with Captions
  • Date/Time and GPS Location Stamping
  • Integrated Audio and Video Capture
Robust Media Capture
GPS and Location Tracking

  • GPS and Location Tracking
  • Location Capture via Device’s GPS
  • GPS Location Viewing on Integrated Map

  • Subforms and Repeating Sections
  • Multiple Record Capture
  • Form Reuse via Subform Linkage
Subforms and Repeating Sections
Custom Report Mapping

  • Custom Report Mapping
  • Map existing fillable PDF and Word Reports to Asset Tracker Forms
  • Document Integration and In-App Viewing (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Cacheable and Filterable In-App Lists

  • External Reference Data Linking
  • Embedded List Data from Internal Systems
  • Document Integration and In-App Viewing (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Cacheable and Filterable In-App Lists
External Reference Data Linking
Barcode / QR Scanning

  • Barcode / QR Scanning
  • QR and Barcode Scanning for Rapid Data Input
  • Triggered Data Retrieval and Auto Fill from Scanned Bar Codes

  • APIs Enterprise Level Integrations
  • Integrate internal systems via Restful API Services
  • Dispatch forms through your own proprietary systems
  • Deliver data privately to an Endpoint of Your Choice
  • Customize Your Form Workflow
APIs Enterprise Level Integrations